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WORD OF WISDOM! We do not need new people to start marriage bureau. We need to support and expand the existing people who are doing this for long time and they are established and well known and are permanence.

 Names and pictures are not given for the confidentiality of our members. These are only few of our members listed on our website because of confidentiality and  Mashallah new members join monthly so the list is continuously growing. Therefore best way is to call us to find about these and other new members. Call us with confidence at (905) 279-7486 if you want to meet upscale proposals. We continuously strive our optimum to connect appropriate matches to all our members. We offer member profiles to meet your suitable match around the world with individuals and families. Browse from the extensive list of matches currently offered and be sure to check back often, as we will be adding new members over the coming weeks and months.In sha Allah

AGEHEIGHTDETAILS..............................................................GENDERRESIDENCE........... OTHER
235'6.5BBA, hijabi, Punjabi Family, syed, FemaleCanada wants "Syed" boy




FemaleCanadawant tall Man
 23 5"2 B.S.C. honours, Urdu-speaking family Female Canada 



5'5B.Comm,punjabi,hijab,good family valuesFemaleCanada 
235 1


Human Resource student, wears hijab, urdu speaking

275'4Pharmacy tech,Chemistry student,pretty, Arain FamilyFemaleCanada want Immigrant educated boy
255'4Civil Engineering diploma,hijabi,own businessFemaleCanada want religious boy 


 5'2 Chartered Accountant,U.P want professional boy in Canada,attractive 
29  5'3





Female Ottawa Family in India
 32 5'6 LLM Uni.of OTTOWA , B.Sc.BIOLOGY
JOB =Lawyer 
 Female Canada want Educated male
235'5B.S.C., Hijab, Jat familyFemaleCanada 
285'5Masters,HR job, pretty,Punjabi familyFemaleCanada want good family boy
504'10divorce,Gynese,1 sonFemaleCanada 
375 '3
B.A , B.ed , Teacher , pretty, Indian FemaleToronto
want canadian  well educated man.
335'2Canadian raised,E.Engineer,syed punjabi familyFemaleCanada 
185'7University studentFemaleCanada want syed boy
265'5BSC, Canadian born,beautiful,hyderabadiFemaleCanadawant 26 - 33 yr tall BSC boy
295'3C.A.fair,slim,U.P,nice familyFemaleCanada want Professional boy
285'3C.A.wheatish,slim,U.P.nice familyFemaleCanada wanteducated boy
58 5"3 Medical Office Administrator,Transcriptionist,divorce  Female Canada want 55-69 yr sunni sufi male
275'5F.A,punjabi familyFemalelahore 
325'2Medical Docter,U.P,prettyFemaleCanadawant Dr, Dentist, Lawyer, P.H.D, Executive
245 5College diploma,Beautiful,Hyderabadi,HijabFemale  Canada 
265'3Biology Graduate, 4th year medical student, Indian familyFemaleCanadawant upto 30 yr Professional boy
Good looking,soft spoken and friendly nature.
Masters in psychology
Femalekarachi Family member in Canada
405"2 M.SC,coming on visit Female Karachi Family member here 
275'5Divorced, MSc,Urdu speakingFemaleKarachiwant Urdu speaking match
37N/A M.S.C.Project ManagerFemaleCanada


34  5'6 Body: Athletic..Trim & fit  Male  Canada  Body: Athletic..Trim & fit

Well groomed
Well dressed
Fair complexion, Handsome
Never Married
No children
Studied at Georgian College
Top Salesperson nationwide 
Income over $200 000
Positive healthy person 
Non smoker
Home owner

27 5'11    Electronic Engineer, (Syed) handsome Male Canada wants a 20-25yr old girl  preferrably in Canada


32   5'4         Computer Science, Post graduation, Urdu speaking          Male             Canadianworkpermit                           


MBA, Hyedrabadi, Business, Handsome        Male     Canada 
345'4BBA, handsome, Canadian raised,syedMaleCanada 



MSC (Pakistan), UP, Financial/Sec job



Willing to see a girl in Pakistan         

34 5'10P.S.W.North American raised,handsome MaleCanada. 
60 5"8Professional Accountant,well settled,widowMale Canadaprefer 37-50 yr any muslim background lady
415'6Industrial Engineer, Religious, Canadian Born, SeperatedMaleCanadawants 30-32 yr girl anywhere in the world
335'11BBA, MBA, CGA in progress, PunjabiMaleCanadawant 28 yr Punjabi 5'4 tall educated family
33 5  10  

Masters (University of New Brunswick)

 Manager, Business Reporting and Analysis
  Male         Canada 
285"11M.S.C.,Software Engineer,hyderabadiMaleCanada want 22-26 yr tall fair girl
315'11 Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant ,FCCA(United Kingdom) ,Certified General Accountant ,CGA(Ontario, Financial Analyst,Urdu speakingMaleCanada want 24-28 yr girl
265'10B.Com, Punjabi,Accounting diploma,jatMaleSaskatoon Student visa
275'12B.Com,Senior Business analyst,handsomeMaleCanadian born 
41N/A Technical job,kashmiri Male Canada No status
265'10B.S.C, Businessman,religiousMaleCanada want religious girl
285"6B.tec., College diploma,hyderabadiMaleCanada 
255'9Electrical Engineer,  family in VancouverMaleOttawa, Torontowant educated girl
42  5 7 M.B.A,divorce,Business Consultant Male U.S.A 
38 5  4Bachelor in I.R,Syed,refugee,handsomeMaleCanada 
295'9MCS/Engineer, Canadian RaisedMaleCanadawant liberal mature girl
385 11Hotel management,divorce,1 child,BusinessmanMale Canada want punjabi girl
395'9BSC/Plastic Diploma, U.P.MaleCan. work visa 
38 5 8MBA Engineer,ConsultantMale Canada want 26 yr girl here or lahore
275,6Business adminstration student,working, Punjabi MaleCanadawill see girl in Pakistan
26 5 7Engineer,Punjabi,handsome Male Calgary 
25  6"1I.T.Consultant,handsome,raised here,punjabi  Male Canada want 21-23 yr 5"5 girl



34  6,0 M.B.A.Punjabi,working in I.T.in U.S.A. Male


 prefer immigrant lahore family



71N/AU.P., Retired Bank OfficerMaleCanada 


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